Vendors: Get More Space And Save More Money

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What You'll Find:

toprow1 Everything used, even the kitchen sink! Tools, furniture & more crock pots than a church function!

toprow1 Handmade crafts from talented neighbors. Art, repurposed, accessories & the unusual.

toprow1 New merchandise from direct sales, extreme couponers and festival vendors.
toprow1 New merchandise from direct market, extreme couponers and festival vendors.

Shopping & Selling Tips

Sellers' List To Bring:

Canopy with stakes
Paper, Pen & Marker, Tape
Business cards

Buyers' List To Bring:

Cell phone if spouse isn't with you
Measuring tape
Hat & if it's cold, bring gloves too
Empty trunk, truck bed, etc
Rope & straps
Manpower with a good back

Everyone Should Bring:

Cash, Especially lower denominations
Bug spray

Contact Us Tips

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